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Are you up to speed with the latest business management strategies?

Through the globally recognized Certification for Professional Management, we help you navigate the dizzying changes of today’s business environment and get you in full control of your game. We offer a fast-track course in various essential business topics given by topnotch speakers in 8 weeks.


Top Reasons Why You Should Choose CPM Asia

Certified Professional Manager– Asia (CPM) is where entrepreneurs and professional managers collaborate and meet eye-to-eye in understanding in-depth the demands of a fast-paced, connected economy. Based in the Philippines, we are a global association of professionals in business management licensed by the London-based International Federation of  Professional Managers (IFPM).

ASEAN Integration

ASEAN Integrator

As an executive education program, CPM prepares many Asian business leaders to embrace the challenges and opportunities brought by the ASEAN integration. Be head and shoulders above the competition and enroll in the business management courses offered by DMKompass in Manila.

London IFPM

Globally Recognized

The International Federation of Professional Managers (IFPM), London, UK, represents more than 80,000 management professionals, worldwide. It grants the CPM designation to graduates of the management certification program, which is organized by DMKompass in the Philippines and Asia.

Global Entrepreneur

An MBA-level Education

CPM is a post-graduate short course equivalent to an MBA-level education. Led by distinguished subject-matter experts, our program equips students with the fundamental business skills needed for their success. Our multi-disciplinary approach develops participants in having well rounded perspectives on General Management, International Business, Marketing, and more.

Uniting Professional Managers Worldwide

Aside from providing training for entrepreneurs and professional managers, we provide networking opportunities among our alumni and partner business schools. CPM executives who take the MBA short course interact with other managers of different industries, here and abroad. Managers are encouraged to elaborate on their successes and failure, leaving each class with rich insights.

Certified Professional Managers

Professional managers around the globe converge in leading financial capitals of major cities to engage in trade. A thorough-going management training is a must.

Forging Friendships among Our Equals

CPM® also offers a membership program that continuously educates our Certified Professional Managers to advance their career.  CPM members can attend other free or discounted seminars for managers. Members also gain exclusive access to publications and other online resources in Management.  We provide Job Search Assistance for managers who are looking for new openings and for hiring employers.

At CPM®, we ensure that our Certified Professional Managers are fully capable of addressing any challenge in their respective fields.  Be it for neophyte entrepreneurs or seasoned managers, we can further the professional manager’s competency, at any level.

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